The Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais is a gentle movement therapy technique that communicates at the deepest cellular level to easily and naturally re-adjust your skeletal alignment.

Lessons are based on the genetically determined movements we learned as infants.  The nervous system recognizes these organic patterns, which the brain adapts and then reprograms into our daily functional needs.

You will learn many ways to undo your own pain patterns and automatic, self-destructive movement habits, as well as learn new tools to keep the improvement permanent.

Used in conjunction with the Feldenkrais method, the Wellmats provide an excellent surface for comfortable ease of movement.  These specially designed mats are oversized for a full range of movements.

“Feldenkrais is like having a transmission overhaul.  You go into drive smoothly again and your gears don’t grind.  After each session I feel like a nice straight chimney rather than one that has been through a small earthquake.”
                        Melora Doan
                        (Para-spinal cord injury)

“The color is perfect and the mat is soft and comfy for my body.”
                        Margaret Turner

Water Class:
“I feel as relaxed and pain free as if I’d had a full body massage.”
                        Beverly Berry

“The stretching in warm water is more conducive to relaxing and releasing my stress and tension. Consistent participation has improved my balance and mobility."
                        Sara Davis

Debbie Ashton
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
 (865) 414-8719


The Feldenkrais Method

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