The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a practical approach to the neuromuscular reeducation of posture, balance, movement, and behavior.  It consists of two related techniques.

Awareness Through Movement

This method consists of verbally directed, effortless exercises that bring about dramatic change.  These exercises range from subtle to expansive movements and involve attitude, imagination, attention, perception, cognition, and visualization.

Functional Integration

Functional Integration is a one-on-one method of teaching.  Sensory-motor learning is accomplished through the practitioner using sophisticated techniques of gentle touch and passive movement.

Both are designed to reorganize neuromuscular pathways and break up old habits.  In combination, these techniques are especially helpful in alleviating the aberrant compensatory movement patterns seen with chronic pain patients.

Students are given homework movement sequences to enable them to become self-sufficient and independent.

Learning how to move properly in this method is derived from the same sequence the nervous system learned initially as an infant.  Students feel more coordinated, connected, alive and human.

Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method:

Improves posture, flexibility, coordination, movement efficiency, and elegance.

Eliminates pain and movement restrictions.

Develops self-awareness and attention so change in habitual pain patterns can occur.

Improves function in individuals with orthopedic or neurological problems.

Refines performance skills for athletes, actors, musicians and dancers.

Minimizes work-related stress and injury.

“Feldenkrais is like having a transmission overhaul.  You go into drive smoothly again and your gears don’t grind.  After each session I feel like a nice straight chimney rather than one that has been through a small earthquake.”
                        Melora Doan
                        (Para-spinal cord injury)


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