Fluid Moves I (Video or DVD):
Feldenkrais on Land and in Water

Four lessons, first shown on the floor, then adapted into the pool.  Covers the pelvic clock, hip mobility, shoulder freedom, and walking improvement lessons.  Many people who teach aquatic wellness programs or who love being in the water and want to learn some self-recovery techniques for a wide range of physical difficulties can benefit from this program.

Fluid Moves II (Video or DVD):
Feldenkrais for Paddlers

Six lessons developed at the ’96 Olympics for the kayak teams to help recovery from shoulder, elbow, wrist, and low back overuse injuries.  These are taught all on the floor, but can be adapted into the pool using the methods shown in Video #1.  Any athletic or active person needing to regain and retrain flexible strength and elastic muscle movement will learn safe and efficient ways to lengthen and re-educate tight connective tissue. Feldenkrais lessons not only help the body to become more supple, but the entire body-mind system functions in a more highly organized manner.  Coordination, grace, and internal timing improve in the process of learning these simple, yet profound Awareness Through Movement lessons.

Fluid Moves III (Video or DVD):
Feldenkrais in the Shower and Hot Tub

These intriguing movement sequences will educate you on how to turn your morning shower into a home therapy session.  Wake up and melt away those stiff, aching joints and muscles with these efficient, specific movement lessons designed to mobilize your feet, knees, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders.  If you travel, camp out, or sleep in uncomfortable positions, this video is a tremendous help in guiding you to function more comfortably and think more clearly throughout the day.  You will feel refreshed physically and mentally.  The hot tub section will be most beneficial to people with foot, hamstring, and knee problems.  Fibromyalgia and Arthritis sufferers will gain comfortable flexibility, ease, and improve their balance and walking endurance.  These practical lessons can be done throughout the day either standing against a wall, or sitting in a chair—which is how it is demonstrated here for easy learning.

Towel Roller Lessons (DVD only)

Six short lessons that target specific problem areas and help correct dowager’s hump, shoulder and neck problems, spinal misalignments, sacroiliac and sciatic pain.  The carefully placed towel-rolls create a fulcrum over which these gentle directional movements release contracted muscles and help to correct skeletal alignments.

1 Video or DVD …………...… $35.00
2 Videos or DVD’s ………….. $60.00
3 Videos or DVD’s ………….. $75.00
4 Videos or DVD’s ………….. $100.00

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Audio CD's

Alertness Breaks:
Turning Chaotic Energy Into Creative Focus

Relaxed, effortless lessons for calming minds, restoring focus & enhancing learning.  Each of the four "Alertness Breaks" on this tape is designed to aid students in eliminating "brain strain" by eliminating physical blocking - before your lesson begins - in as little as five or ten minutes! 

"Altertness Breaks" are Feldenkrais lessons designed for classroom students by Debbie Ashton.  These lessons were developed, over a five-year period, for a large metropolitan school system.  Today teachers receive continuing education credits for this work from a Tennessee college.  The effectiveness of these lessons for both teachers and students has been proven, over and over, in classrooms throughout the Southeast.

Fluid Moves I:
Feldenkrais in the Water

Eight Lessons in Awareness Through Movement
2 CD Set, $20/set

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Or, you mail your order with payment by check to:
The Well Being
Debbie Ashton
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Ageless Agility DVD
(Learn to Move Like a Cat)

Unique variations on traditional Feldenkrais  These short movement lessons were designed to keep active individuals able to pursue their interests and goals at any age. You can prevent or recover from overuse or muscular imbalance problems by repeating these sequences before your activity. The two warm-up lessons elongate your whole body and improve multi-joint rotation, necessary for every sport, including walking. The other 6 segments help relieve and re-align neck, shoulder, rib, spine, and knee problems. Don't let pain and restriction cause you to eliminate the fun and fascinating elements of your life. Be proactive and take charge of your physical health with these proven Ageless Agility therapeutic movement lessons. "Ease on Down the Road" with cat-like grace.

Ageless Agility DVD (DVD only)



The Feldenkrais Method


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Fluid Moves for Belly Dancers, Latin, Zumba, Jazz, and Ballroom Dancers


These unique movement lessons will keep your hip joints, low back, and pelvis in smooth working order.  This program will help prevent overuse injuries, as well as recover from painful mishaps.  These gentle exercises will preserve your cartilage by regenerating the synovial fluid which lubricates the bony surfaces of the joints.  

Incorporate these short stretchy sequences into your warm-ups and pre and post performance moments to safely increase the quality and range of motion in your dancing style.  Let's face it.  We all want fluid, juicy hip-action in our dancing styles.  "Fluid Moves" will give you the grace and freedom to pursue all of your dancing dreams.