Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Classes
Street Beatz Studio on corner of Middlebrook Pike and Chert Pit Road in West Knoxville, 

one light East of Cedar Bluff 
Wednesdays, 12:30 p.m.

Seven Oaks Dr.
Mondays 10:00 AM Please call first for this lesson. (865) 414-8719

Functional Integration Feldenkrais Private Lessons

Home Office, Seven Oaks West – Call for Appointment (865) 414-8719

 Bones For Life

This carefully-designed system reactivates the osteoblast production within the bone marrow and prevents and reverses osteoporosis with a safe and gentle exercise program. Workshops available upon request. 

About Debbie Ashton

Debbie Ashton has her B.S. degree in physical education and an M.S. in dance and movement education from the University of Tennessee.  She is a licensed Feldenkrais Practitioner.  She has taught dance and exercise for 30 years and has given many Feldenkrais workshops nationally, as well as throughout Tennessee.  Her “Feldenkrais in the Classroom” program has received international attention.  Debbie was the first to introduce Feldenkrais at the ’96 Olympics and, for 12 years, has taught Feldenkrais-in-the-water (Fluid Moves) classes to other teachers at the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute's International Conference. 

Call Debbie for a private Functional Integration appointment, for information about ongoing Awareness Through Movement classes, or for Fluid Moves water classes.

Three Fluid Moves teaching videos/DVD's are available for purchase, two with underwater photography.

The Wellmat, an exercise mat designed by Debbie, is also available for purchase.

For more information on classes, call:
(865) 414-8719



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